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Monday, 14 November 2011

Writing As A Tool to Knowledge Building

Writing is one of the method to increase your knowledge and how to learn English. In addition writing also we learn about how to creation and improvement of ideas. Before we write somethings, we must have the knowledge or understand what we want to write down. Besides that, knowledge building motivates learning to learn, cooperate and collaborate. Proven results of knowledge building and the effectiveness show in the developing solution to cope with challenges especially in the field of education. For example, in the knowledge building classroom, students are encouraged to work in the group to complete tasks and to use tools or resources to provide solution to problem that related in real life situation. Research show that students succeed when allowed to post their questions, ideas, explain their theories, and collaborate on the situation. Actually, writing is more than speech written down in another sense. Although we say it first and then writing it down may be the way in which children first learn to write. This is partly because unlike face to fece oral interaction, writing is monolog in its production because what can be taken to be shared information. This leads to the second main reason for focusing on writing in order to make one's meaning clear for others, one must first  make it clear for oneself. Writing is potentially means of developing one's understanding of the topic  about which one is writing. 

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