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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

be a good speaker..how???

To speak in front of the stage will make me in silent and can't speak. We see that how the debate person speak loudly in the stage. I very proud to see the person like this because i can't be like them. I don't have confident to speak in front of audiens. So I want share some tips to be a good speaker ;
  • must be confident and assured. We must not show our nervous
  • use our own experience
  • must be enjoy yourself
  • must lively and energetic
  • knowledgeable about the topic we want to talk
  • look good and use the stage as well
  • speak without stumbling and use correct grammar
  • have opinion about the topic
  • speaker must positive outlook, cheerful and cooperative
  • organize the point that he talk.
must try at your home :)

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