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Thursday, 27 October 2011

set yourself to achieve the goal

What is the goal we want to achieve? Now I will share you some tips 'How to Learn English' . The most important thing we need to write or know our goals and try to do it.We know that we need time to make our English become better but short time each day will produce better and we can see the result in long time. So here some goal that I will share with you : 
  •  join the English course
  • do your homework
  • read comic or any book in English.
  • learn a new word  per day
  • visit an English speaking forum everyday
  • read a news article on the internet everyday
  • do 10 min listening practice everyday
  • watch an English film, drama.

I hope this will change and will improve your English. So, we need a big patient to learn something. It is not easy to get the knowledge only the patient person will get the knowledge.

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