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Friday, 14 October 2011

English in my life

Nowadays English is the important language in the world. English become the world language. So we,need to learn English language. some of the person in Malaysia still not understand or can't speak in English well. So, we must improve our language. Many things we can do to improve our language and one of them are we must practice the language in our daily life. for example, we read the newspaper, read book in English. I think for the first time to do it is quiet hard because many word in the books or newspaper we don't the meaning but after we done it for the long time it become easier for us. in addition, many benefits that we can get if we learn English language. For example, nowadays if we want to find the jobs we must well in English. we can speak and read in English very well. this is because in the work world, we will meet with the people that have different background maybe they don't about Malay language. So, we need to speak in world language. Besides, we can see the government do PPSMI. The PPSMI is to make the student learn and will expose the student to English language more. so, many benefits that we will get from learn English language.

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