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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Usually every morning I have a class at 8.00 am but today the class is cancel because the lecturer go to Japan to do their work. This early morning I wake up early because I want to finished my assignment. So, I started doing EC assignment. For the beginning to do my assignment was so slow because in the long time I had to push my brain to give idea to make an essay and now all my work is done. I feel happy and relief because the work is done. At 10.30 am I went to the restaurant in front of my college to buy a dishes for my lunch. I'm very shocked because the dishes was very expensive. The price of the prawn is RM 0.50 per prawn. The prawn was very small and not suitable for the price. But I still buy it because I'm very hungry. So I hope the owner of the restaurant can think our virtue. I think I have to stop because i have to prepare go to class. i will come back again with others story.

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