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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Salam and good morning everyone, yesterday I sleep at 3am because I have to complete my assignment because my weekend is full with activities. Last night after I back from meeting and enter my room at 12 am, I sit at my study table to do my assignment. I quickly do that and I finished it around at 2 am and the I online on facebook. Yesterday I chat with my friend at facebook. I weird and guest something wrong that happen to him. Then, he tell me, he feel very sad because his friend is died recently because involve in accident. The accident happen a motorcycle with the car. He sad after this he will not see his friend again. He very close to the late friends.He knows  about the died of his friend last friday. He can't go home to give last respect to his friends because tomorrow he had examination. I'm very sad when heard his stories. so, I can conclude that we have to appreciate our friends and the people around us so that I will not feel regret later.
like our Prophet S.A.W said to us:
after we died we leave 3 things and this things will bring us to enter heaven:

  1. knowledge that will give benefits to everyone.
  2. the pray from the' soleh' or 'solehan person'.
  3. the charity that we give to everyone when we in the world.

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