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Monday, 3 October 2011

Feel So ReLaX... :)

Today I feel so relax because I only have one class only at early morning at 8-10 am and my class at 3-5 pm is cancel because my lecturer go to Macca to do 'HAJI'. I hope she will return back to Malaysia again and I also pray she can do all people do when doing 'HAJI' and also she will in the pink of health. Actually, I really want to go there because I want to see KAABAH and there have many history place and I'm interested.I hope I will go there. Insyaallah. However, my assignment not finished yet. I have a lof of assignment that have to complete and I will use this time to complete all my assignment. In addition, today I feel so relax because have no problem that will disturb me when I'm doing my work. This is because yesterday I can connect to internet to do my assignment so, I have to postpone my work and this will make me mad. I don't what happen with wifi at KHAR. most of the people can't connect to internet. But now all in the good way :). I feel so relieve. so I have to end my story today and I will come back again.

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