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Sunday, 9 October 2011

test is a part of our life.... :)

I think test will give us advantage or disadvantage. I think test will make us become more mature, knowledgeable, open mind and critic thinking. For example, when we face a problem like family, friends, and others problem will make us feel unsuitable and always think about it until the problem will out of our mind. So, we will think many thing to solve the problems. In addition, when we face a problem we must think positively because this will make us not feel stress in the life. If we think negatively about the problems that we face will make us become terrible and our life is not in the ways. We will feel stress and sometimes we will feel like to kill our self. So, this is show that it is important to believe to God. In Al-quran as to prove in 'surah Al-mu'minun-62'. so we must back to Al-Quran if we feel bad.

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