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Monday, 17 October 2011


Do you realize that the PPSMI help us  to improve our English language. Most students say that PPSMI are make their life in school become burden because they do not understand the English language. I think it is wrong because PPSMI help me a lot to improve my English. For example, i learn many terms of English in mathematics and sciences subject. From this we make me more to expose to English languages and slowly I gain my English language. Actually, I not really good in English and I do not like the English subject so much. But now PPSMI will be abolish and new policy will be use that is MBMBI which means that the both languages such as Malay and English languages become important in daily life. All the subject especially in mathematics and science they will learn Malay language. So, I think that this will make the students are not expose to the English language.

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