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Friday, 7 October 2011


I don't what happen with me along the day. Many things happen. Everything what I do is wrong. Early morning at 9 am I had  physical chemistry 2 at pakar block, the experiment that my group did crushed. I very disappointed. Then, at the physical chemistry class, my lecturer make a short quiz for us. The quiz is quite different because we can't open the book but we can discuss in the group. But unfortunately, I had no time to finished the quiz and now I aware that the time is gold. I have to do a lot of exercise and fixed the time to make me did fast in done something. After the class, I went back home and I feel happy because in the bus, I watch the television and saw that our prime minister had spread out about the budget in 2012 and the thing that make me happy he said that the salary for the teacher is increase about to RM 5000 something. Now, Malaysia were relieve that the teacher was important in the life and not to look down to the occupation of the teacher. Then, I arrived at college but I forget something, actually I had to send my assignment and today is the last day. Then, my friend and I went back to campus and print out the assignment and go to my lecturer room. After that, I went back to college and get some food because I'm very hungry because no food in my stomach since early morning. Then, everything was settle down and I feel so happy although many things that I face today.

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